Raw Crystal Ring

A small, raw anthraxolite quartz crystal electroformed to a hand hammered copper ring. Clear Quartz is the most versatile & programmable crystal of all the healing minerals. It amplifies the energy of all the crystals around it, helping to manifest anything you program into it.

- Each ring and stone is unique (only 1 of each available) 
- Small UK-L US - 6 Approx inner Diameter (16mm) 
Medium UK-N US - 7 Approx inner Diameter (18mm)
Large UK-P US - 8 Approx inner Diameter (19mm)
- Handmade in the USA
- Wearing copper jewellery can relieve arthritis and aid circulation problems.
- How will copper affect my skin - see about tab
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Each piece is handmade with the help of physics and chemistry. Please allow for small variances in size, shape and colour of each beautiful gem, that's what makes your piece so unique.

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