Ritual Ceramic Cup

$28.00 USD

Ritual, a new ceramic collaboration with Andrea Roman inspired by starting each morning clear of mind, with an acceptance for what the day holds, celebrating the rituals and moments that the beginning of each day brings. This marbled ceramic cup is sized to fit in the hand comfortably and hold just the right amount of your preferred morning brew. Hand thrown from a mixture of dark and light stoneware clays giving each piece its own unique and strikingly beautiful landscape.

- Marbled Clay pattern and tone on each piece will vary and is unique
- Hand thrown in the UK showing the marks of the makers process
- Glazed interior and part exterior 
- Dimensions approx H: 85mm D: 75mm V: 250ml

Care: All items are dishwasher and food safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash and dry with care.

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